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Welcome to UKRepMed, your trusted source for UK Responsible Person services. In this page, we will explain what a UK Responsible Person is, why it is essential, and how our services can benefit you.

What is a UK Responsible Person?

A UK Responsible Person is crucial in ensuring the compliance of your products placed on the UK market. This individual or organization takes on significant responsibilities to ensure that products meet the necessary regulatory requirements and can be legally placed on the market.

Why is a UK Responsible Person Necessary?

The need for a UK Responsible Person arises due to the UK’s strict regulations and standards for products in various industries, including cosmetics, medical devices, and chemicals (cosmetics). Here are a few key reasons why having a UK Responsible Person is vital:

  1. Regulatory Compliance: UK Responsible Persons ensures products comply with the UK regulations and standards. This is done by The UK Responsible Person Checking all Quality certificates such as ISO, CE, DOC, Breakdown of Ingredients (Cosmetics and Food Supplements) and Electrical safety (Electronics)

  2. Consumer Safety: The duty of a UK Responsible Person helps guarantee that products are safe for consumers to use. They ensure Manufacturers are Notified of any Complaints, safety issues or recalls

  3. Market Access: To sell products in the UK, businesses need the UK Responsible Person to act as a local point of contact for authorities and customers. Your UK Responsible Person name and address will need to be on the box/label of your products

  4. Product Liability: In the event of product issues or recalls, a UK Responsible Person plays a key role in managing and coordinating necessary actions, protecting your brand reputation.

How UKRepMed’s UK Responsible Person Services Work:

At UKRepMed, we offer comprehensive UK Responsible Person services tailored to your specific needs. Here’s how our services work:

  1. Assessment: We start by evaluating your product and business to determine the scope of responsibilities required.

  2. Feedback:

    • if all your documents are in order we can move on to the next step of the process
    • If your documents aren’t in order we will provide guidance helping you to understand the requirements and get your documents in order
  3. Quote and Contract: We will Quote for the UK Responsible Person Service including registration (where applicable) and send you the contract to be signed

  4. Set up: Once the contract is signed we will begin the set-up. Which Includes registration Assisting with updating labels and greeting your file within our system.

  5. Completion: Once the set-up is completed and your labels are updated and compliant you are free to sell on the UK Market

    On-Going Service:

  6. Documentation: We assist in preparing and maintaining the necessary documentation, such as technical files and compliance reports.

  7. Quality Control: We ensure that your products meet the highest quality and safety standards through regular inspections and risk assessments.

  8. Market Surveillance: Our team monitors the market to identify potential issues and initiates prompt actions when necessary.

  9. Reporting: We keep you informed with detailed reports on product compliance and any regulatory updates.

  10. Emergency Response: In the event of recalls or safety concerns, we coordinate and manage the necessary actions to protect consumers and your business.


In the ever-evolving landscape of UK product regulations, having a UK Responsible Person is not just a requirement; it’s a critical component of ensuring compliance, consumer safety, and market success. UKRepMed is here to be your trusted partner in navigating these challenges and helping your products thrive in the UK market. Click here to contact us to learn more about our UK Responsible Person services and how we can assist your business. Click here to read about our company

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